About my work

 DORIS BREUER (born 1974) is an Austrian artist.

Doris Breuer lives with family and friends on the Reitersederhof, an old farmhouse in the middle of beautiful countryside in Upper Austria’s Mühlviertel.
She travelled around the world from 1992 to 2002, collecting impressions and inspiration for her art, and since 2002 she has been using them in paintings and in numerous free-form objects, including in combination with felt art. The works have been presented in performances and exhibitions since 2005.
In 2006, Doris Breuer founded with Martina Wagner an community of artists in Freistadt
Doris Breuer’s painting is provided with a realistic handwriting.
The women portrayed go through a process of further development and are portrayed in different stages of consciousness by the artist. The potential and awareness of women expands and brings them into their true identity and strength.



2018-2022 Margit Füreder A

2017 Andrea Rozorea D

2017 Sandra Struck Germann D

2016 Monika Kössl D

2016 Helene Breuer A

2014 Inge Evers  NLD

2013 Kunstuni Textiles Design außerordentlich A








art prize

2011 Museum Steyr Europäischer Kunstkreis    2 x Bronze


2022 „Thats me“ Catalogue 

2022 „Sehnsucht“  Kunstschaffen

2020 in the heat of the night  

2019 wir WOLLen Papier Vienna




2018 Paris galerie Nesle 


2019 Art Exhibition Scythia 


2005 Pädagogische Hochschule Linz

2006 Bauernmöbelmuseum Hirschbach

2010 /2012 Brauhausgalerie Freistadt

2011 Museum Steyr 

2013 Stadtmuseum-Minoriten Wels

2014 Kulturquartier Ursulinenhof Linz

2015 Hipp-Halle Gmunden

2015 Galerie Sturmmühle Saxen

2016 Lentos Linz

2016 UKH Linz

2016 Tabakwerke Linz

2016 - 2021 Atelier at the Reitersederhof Hirschbach

2016 Tips Galerie Linz

2017 Hock di her Galerie Marchtrenk

2017 Kunst am Leebhof Schwanenstadt

2018 Giga Ansfelden

2018 Klinikum Vöcklabruck

2018 Schloss Laudon Vienna

2018 AEA Volkshaus Dornach

2018 Im Blick Soul Sisters Vienna 

2019 visible FUK Central Linz /Ottensheim  

2019 gallery Kunst & Kultur Scharnstein 

2019 wir WOLLen Papier Vienna

2020 visible Frauenstadt Freistadt 

2020 in the heat of the night Vienna 

2020  Papiermachermuseum Laakirchen

2020 virtual gallery

2021 Schlossmuseum Freistadt 

2022 Theaterbilder Vienna