About my work

Doris Breuer is an Austrian artist (b 1974) her paintings and prints mostly embraced  realism, there is also a tendency towards surrealism. The women she paints are unfolding their possibilities and bringing them in their true identity and strength.


Her  Atelier is in an old farmhouse at the Reitersederhof  with a great view into nature. There she  lives together with her family and friends.

from 1992 - 2002 she collected impression and mind views for her art, by  traveling through the world.


2002 she began to explore the world of art. An intense period of creativity began, with the result of numerous free shaped objects and paintings.


2006 she established an artist community with a common atelier,


She loves to express her inner feelings and transfer it into art. The creations are presented in performances and exhibitions since 2005


Education & Exhibition

2013 Kunstuni Textiles Design außerordentlich A

2014 Inge Evers  NLD

2016 Helene Breuer A

2016 Monika Kössl D

2017 Sandra Struck Germann D

2017 Andrea Rozorea D

2018 Margit Füreder A

2019 Margit Füreder A

2020 Margit Füreder A

2021 Margit Füreder A


2019 wir WOLLen Papier Wien

2019 Art Exhibition Scythia Ukraine


2020 in the heat of the night Vienna A

2005 Pädagogische Hochschule Linz

2006 Bauernmöbelmuseum Hirschbach

2007 opening of the atelier Freistadt

2010 Brauhausgalerie Freistadt

2010 opening of the atelier Vielfalt in Linz

2011 Museum Steyr Europäischer                        Kunstkreis    2 x Bronze

2012 Brauhausgalerie Freistadt

2013 Welser Stadtmuseum-Minoriten

2014 Linzer Kulturquartier Ursulinenhof

2015 Gmunden Hipp-Halle

2015 Kunstverein Galerie der Sturmmühle           in Baumgartenberg

2016 Lentos Linz

2016 UKH Linz

2016 Tabakwerke Linz

2016 Day of the open doors Hirschbach

2016 opning of the Atelier Reitersederh

2016 Tips Galerie

2017 Exhibition am Reitersederhof

2017 Hock di her Marchdrenk

2017 Exhibition am Reitersederhof

2017 Kunst am Leebhof Schwanenstadt

2018 Giga Ansfelden

2018 Paris galerie Nesle Frankreich

2018 Klinikum Vöcklerbruck

2018 Schloss Laudon Wien

2018 Day of the open doors galerie                    Reitersehofder

2018 AEA Volkshaus Dornach

2018 Exhibition soulsisters Vienna 

2019 visible FUK Central Linz /Ottensheim  2019 Art Exhibition Scythia Ukraine

2019 gallery Kunst & Kultur Scharnstein 

2019 wir WOLLen Papier Wien

2019 Day of the open doors gallery                   Reitersederhof

2020 visible Frauenstadt Freistadt A 

2020 in the heat of the night Vienna A

2020 AEA Papiermachermuseum A

2020 virtual gallery Reitersederhof A

2021 Power aus dem Mühlviertel A

2021 very close or digital gallery 

         Reitersederhof A